Your Worst Nightmare SOLVED!

Long nights staring at a blank screen will be a           distant nightmare when you deploy this  EMAIL MARKETING MAESTRO's 187 part battle-tested email arsenal

        Read on to see how you can zoom to affiliate gold by riding the coat-tails of this EMAIL MAESTRO using the very same emails that have generated thousands of dollars in commissions …

Hi … Loy Puckett here and, as you can see, I’ve teamed up with my good friend, Andy Waring, to solve the final problem that stands between you and your escape to time and financial freedom.  

Because, once you have sold your first product, it’s vital you keep up the momentum by regularly selecting and reviewing hot selling products and then crafting compelling emails that:  

Get opened by your subscribers.

Continue to strengthen your relationship with them.

Provide compelling reasons to buy the latest product you are recommending.

What’s more you need to create your powerhouse emails at the rate of about three or four a week.


And that can be really tough keeping it up - week after week 


And it’s particularly tough when you’re still working for the man and aching for the day you can wave goodbye to him and all the office politics, the daily commute and sheer drudgery of it all.  

But you must keep up the punishing routine of sourcing and testing several products a week to find a good one (because if you recommend a bad product, you run the risk of losing trust with your subscribers).  

And, then, once you’ve found a diamond of a product, you have to sit down and start churning out those emails week after week, or you’ll be leaving money on the table.


Alternatively, you can take advantage of this awesome one time offer  


You see, my pal, Andy Waring (The Beginner's Friend), is a true EMAIL MARKETING GENIUS. And he's made thousands of dollars using email marketing over the past few years.

And, as you probably know, email marketing is a science.  If you make that real connection with your subscribers, you've got buyers for life.  And, that is Andy's area of expertise.  Just look at how well he has done in affiliate sales.


And that’s because he’s an email creation WIZARD!



      So this is what I have done to ensure your continued success 




I’ve twisted his arm and he has agreed to allow me to hand you every single email he sent out over an entire year – 187 in total –  an average of 3.5 a week.




I call it my Solo Ad Insider Email Treasure Chest!






And here’s the really GOOD NEWS


Many of those emails promote proven best selling EVERGREEN products from well respected product creators on such in-demand subjects as time management and list building.

So all you need do is get your affiliate link to replace Andy’s, then send his email out to your list, then sit back and watch those lovely commissions flood in.  

And, even when the product it promotes is no longer live, the email will still be a master-class in how to create compelling email promotions, and you’ll be able to quickly adapt them to promote a similar current product.  

Naturally, this awesome package comes with my cast iron ‘love it or your money back’ 30 day guarantee, so I guess …  



There’s probably just one question on your mind, right now  


If you were to purchase just one email from a copywriter, you would likely pay at least $30 - probably a lot more.  



Yet you’d be taking a risk.  



Because – as dedicated and highly regarded as that copywriter might be - that email is still UNTESTED. And the only way to discover if it works is to mail it out to your subscribers.  

But Andy’s 187 emails are already battle-tested, so you can mail them risk-free to your growing list of subscribers fully confident they will bring home the bacon.  

What’s more, for less than what you’d need to invest in one unproven email from a copywriter, you can deploy 187 PROVEN emails that will start to zoom you to affiliate riches at head-snapping speed!  



So, if ever there was a crystal clear choice – it’s this!





But Wait!  What If You Could Get Even More?



How About These Extra BONUSES?   



If you act NOW, I will include these extra BONUSES that will take 
your email campaign success to the next level:

  • Sean Mize’s 186 Email Toolbox                                                                                                                                                                          In addition to the main email package, I'm also going to include 186 additional emails written by IM superstar Sean Mize! This includes 10 complete profitable campaigns.  A huge value!
  • Sean's 90 Minute Over The Shoulder Email Training                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Watch and learn as Sean writes a 9-Email campaign live on screen. You actually get to watch him brainstorm from choosing the products to promote to creating the copy to sell those products.  A masterpiece!
  • 150 Additional Emails Ready To Go For Affiliate Products                                                                                                                                                                                                                A further 150 autoresponder emails split into general affiliate promotions with relationship building. These emails can be promoted as is and are great for use in general affiliate marketing..



Get this entire package all for $29.97!




So, it's either that you struggle to write your own emails or worse you pay a copywriter $30+ every time for unproven emails.  


OR …  


You can invest just $29.97 in Andy’s 187 PROVEN emails PLUS my amazing BONUS Package with Sean Mize and enjoy watching those commissions engorge your bank account.  




So just to repeat, what you are getting:




  •   Andy Waring's 187 broadcast emails that brought in $1000’s in revenue and helped him become a top 5% Affiliate in Warriorplus
  • The 186 emails in 10 different email campaigns created by IM superstar Sean Mize 
  • The over the shoulder training video by Sean Mize showing you how he writes a complete autoresponder campaign from scratch 
  • A further 150 emails for affiliate marketing promotions 



All this for just $29.97!



And, Naturally, everything comes with my cast iron ‘love it or your money back’ 30 day guarantee.

So, I'm sure that you will agree that with all of this value, it really is a complete no-brainer.

We both wish you rip-roaring success! 

P.S. You cannot possibly lose on this, because you can test drive the emails for 30 days before you decide to keep them. 



 Yes Loy and Andy, I want to step up to affiliate riches as fast as possible. Please grant me access to your 187 battle-tested emails.  

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