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Hi … it’s Loy Puckett here again, and I wanted to thank you for getting on board my "Solo Ad Insider" program, which completely exposes the easy way to learn how to use solo ads effectively with my hard-won secrets gleaned from life in the solo ad trenches, first as a seller and then as a buyer. 

And since you're now armed with new knowledge and the blueprint that 'Solo Ad Insider' provides, I'd like to show you how start making money from solo ads as fast as humanly possible (and build your KEY asset - your list).  

And I’m sure you’ll agree the best route to success is to copy someone who has already achieved what you now want to achieve.  

And when I tell you that many of the folks we are modeling your business plan on are millionaires, you can be certain you are on the right track.  

Of course, any internet marketing millionaire will tell you that their chief asset is their mailing list, but building that list is achieved through an effective funnel, and I talk about this extensively in 'Solo Ad Insider'.  

With an effective converting funnel, you can build your list and make money as an affiliate.  It's a great way to start with solo ads.  

Using this model is effective because of these powerful reasons … 


  • No need to burn the midnight oil creating your own products.                    
  • No handling customer support issues in the middle of the night – the product owner does all that for you.  


  • No having to deal with inventory, because the product is digital.               
  • No making do with a measly 5% commission - you’ll make solid commissions of 50% to 100%. 
  • Your precious experience as an affiliate will act as a powerful springboard to branch out into profitable product creation later.  



So, I’ve created a special set-up guide that helps you build your very own sales funnel, giving you the power to put money into your PayPal account while you begin to build your list.  


It’s called my Solo Ad Insider ‘Done For You’ Funnel …. 

                        Here’s what’s inside: everything you need               to create your very own compelling sales funnel



  • A comprehensive funnel set up guide covering in simple baby steps exactly how to set up your funnel using the components in the kit.                 
  • A powerful squeeze page to send the visitors your solo ads generate, carefully designed to knock your subscriber sign ups out of the park! 
  • A redirect page to send your visitors to my offer that will help you make  your first precious affiliate commissions.
  • A download page where your buyers will access their purchase.
  • A welcome email you can deploy to immediately start building a good relationship with your subscribers.
  • AUTOMATIC AFFILIATE APPROVAL to sell my product. This blows away the biggest barrier that keeps most folks from ever becoming an affiliate, because getting that initial approval is normally very hard to achieve.


I’m certain you will LOVE this


Because I’m supremely confident you’ll love the silky-smooth money-machine you will have easily created using my ‘Done For You’ Funnel, I’m happy to take all the risk.  

So, if you don’t like anything about the package and don’t agree it’s a highly effective way to start making money as fast as humanly possible, then I insist you ask for a full refund, even up to 30 days from now.  

Fair enough?  

I’m sure you’ll agree it would be quite reasonable for me to ask you to invest just $75.00.  

After all, that’s a drop in the ocean compared with the return on investment your funnel will make you, like clockwork, month after profitable month.  

Even so - provided you go ahead right now - I’m ‘giving’ you this complete funnel creation kit for this very special ONE TIME rock bottom investment starting at just $9.97.  

But be warned: this price won't last forever …  



So, what would be a smart move for you right now?


Spend ‘your’ own time and energy creating another funnel to use with your new Solo Ad Insider product, which is a very hard thing to do.

OR …  

Easily amass an army of eager new subscribers using solo ads with my 'DONE FOR YOU' Funnel so that you can get started building your list and engaging with your customers right away!  

Be smart and realize you need to strike while the iron is hot because the longer it takes to build your list, the longer it takes to start making money.  

With my 'Done For You' Funnel, you can start to ‘train’ your list to get used to your sales funnel and thus start to build an ultra-responsive subscriber list that will reward you well far into the future and become the turbocharged vehicle that will transport you to a sunnier life of time and financial freedom.  

As you move forward, you will then be able to offer opportunities to buy other additional products that you recommend and so quickly repay your modest investments in solo ads with immediate profits.                   

I’m sure you’re shrewd enough to realize the sheer good sense and value of this one-time bargain, so I’m really looking forward to welcoming you aboard.  

Wishing you success in everything you do! 


P.S. Remember, this very special offer is only available this ONE TIME ONLY and once you log off this page it will be gone forever.  

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